Being in Lisbon, surrounded by all our wonderful culture, delicious food, beautiful views and incredible people, is the best way to learn the Portuguese language!


Our Intensive and Extensive Courses are organized by our young and dynamic team, which is entirely made up of native teachers and who have extensive experience in the field of language teaching. Our method is constantly improving and updating, respecting the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


We do all this to provide the best possible experience for our student, creating memories that we hope will last forever.


Our Camões classroom
Our Camões classroom







Our courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. A small synopsis of the abilities for each level follows. 


A1 level 

Can understand and use familiar and daily life expressions, as well as very simple sentences, that aim to satisfy concrete necessities. Can introduce himself and introduce others and is capable of making questions and giving answers on personal aspects, such as, the place where he lives, the people he knows and the things that he has. Can communicate in a simple way, if the interlocutor speaks slowly and distinctly it helps. 


A2 level 

Can understand isolated phrases and frequently used expressions within areas of immediate importance (simple personal and family information, purchases, recent activities). Can communicate on simple tasks and routines that demand only one exchange of simple information and on subjects that are familiar and common. Can describe in a simple way his education, past and relate them to his immediate necessities.  


B1 level 

Can understand the ultimate issues, when a clear and accent free language is used and to speak of subjects that are familiar (topical subjects in work or school and in free time). Can deal with the majority of the situations found in the region where a standard language is spoken. Can produce a simple and coherent speech on subjects that are familiar or of personal interest. Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions, as well as automatically display reasons and justifications for an opinion or to present a project.  


B2 level 

Understands the main ideas in complex texts in concrete and abstract subjects, including debate techniques - these are the areas of specialty. Can communicate with a certain degree of spontaneity with natives, without tension beetwen them. Can express clearly and with details on a great variety of subjects and can explain a point of view on a present subject, displaying the advantages and the disadvantages of some possibilities.  


C1 level 

Understands a vast number of long and demanding texts, recognizing their implicit meanings. Is capable of stating spontaneous fluent forms without needing to take too long to find the right words. Is capable of using the language in a flexible and efficient way for social, academic and professional ends. Can express on complex subjects, with a well structuralized and clear form, revealing his understanding of the mechanisms of organization, cohesion and gelling of the speech.  


C2 level 

Understands, without effort, practically everything that he hears or reads. Is capable of summarizing the information collected in diverse verbal sources and writings, reconstructing arguments and facts in a coherent way. Is capable of speaking spontaneously, in a fluent way with precision, being careful to distinguish fine variations of meaning in complex situations. 


Source: Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas

Aprendizagem, ensino, avaliação. Porto: Edições ASA, 2001