About us

Andrea Borges and Bruno Carvalho, Managers
Andrea Borges and Bruno Carvalho, Managers

Iberlínguas is a specialized private school that teaches Portuguese as a foreign and mother tongue language and Spanish as a foreign language. 


The Iberian concept and the idea of Iberia, in the scope of modern commercial and business relationships has gained greater visibility in the European market and the world-wide market-space. Due to these strong relations our project seems well supported and aims to continually strengthen the ties between the two countries. 


Two very different countries, with very distinguished cultures and strong roots marked by a dramatic past of History and Tradition. Although very different, Spain and Portugal are geographically next to each other, keeping therefore a close connection.


Portuguese and Spanish are languages with great projection on a world-wide level. To speak them is to enrich your CV, to have an extra point in a job interview. We invite you to travel to these two countries, knowing their languages, cultures and their old and modern traditions.